I’m working on the design of a board for a great story telling game, called Story Realms. While still in production, you can see & hear more about what the game is about, at the following sites:

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4 Responses to Story Realms

  1. Your map for Story Realms is amazing! It really bring the world of Storm Hollow to life. 🙂

  2. As one of the designers for Story Realms, I just wanted to thank you for your AMAZING work at visually creating such a detailed and beautiful world… when we were inventing the locations for Storm Hollow we we just dreaming that we’d have the opportunity to see our ideas realized in the style and detail we were hoping for and your work on the Storm Hollow rifts and the full map has been absolutely stunning. It’s a map you could get lost for hours in, looking at all the little details and wondering “ooh, what’s the story?”, then planning out your next adventure, and the one after that! Which is EXACTLY what we hoped for. Thanks so much for all your ideas and talented work. Couldn’t be happier!!

    • Herwin says:

      Hi Angela, thanks for these kind words. I love working on this project, and the more I see and hear about the game, the more I want to play it myself 🙂

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